Walnut Street Labs: Creating the Future of Technology

By Marya Fratoni

Do you have a great idea? Specifically something you think could be the next big thing in technology? If so, Walnut St. Labs is the place to start building your vision. Located in the Borough of West Chester, Walnut St. Labs is looking for people with great ideas who need a place to work and need help with the growth of their business or ideas. Their goal is to help the “idea person” build a compelling product or business.

This “innovation hub” is working to expand their horizons and become a major technological base for people in the area to go to launch their ideas. Walnut St. Labs is growing due to its active community and its explicit mission to be a resource for greater West Chester and Southeastern PA. What makes this incubator different is that it welcomes ideas – you don’t need a team or a prototype to apply.

The fine people at Walnut St Labs believe that the best way to predict the future is to create it. If you’re looking for a startup incubator or just a place to be able to work on your vision, join Founders Chris Dima, a West Chester University graduate and a West Chester borough resident, and Kevin Fleming at 23 North Walnut St. Be sure to join them every week for their Startup Meetup, a weekly speaker series that highlights a local innovator or entrepreneur.  For more information, go to http://walnutstlabs.com/ or email info@walnutstlabs.com.