June 27, 2014
West Chester Borough

On June 24th , 2014 Borough Council selected the completed interviews and selected the first members of the Ad-Hoc Advisory Committee for the Restoration of the Rail Service to West Chester.
The Committee consists of 7 members, 3 of which are residents of the Borough and all with very impressive credentials. “We have a very talented group of people with diverse backgrounds who will all help to achieve the overall goal of someday soon restoring rail service to West Chester”, said Borough Council President, Jordan Norley.
Members named include David Thurston, Michael Thurston, JoAnn Kelton, John Young, Joe Lorini, Tom Hickey, and Craig Blizzard.
The purpose of the Committee is to cause, as soon as possible the reestablishment of rail service to West Chester through some of the following activities:
 Compiling information and data on issues relating to the return of the rail service
 Preparing a history of the rail line
 Advising Council of County, State, regional, national and private plans, actions, meetings, hearings, and conferences as they develop that have or may have a bearing on the return of the rail service
 Ascertaining what groups, organizations, individuals and the like,
 that are, or are likely to become, allied in securing reestablishment of rail service to West Chester
 Attending and/or participating in activities and gatherings, at the
request of Council, in furtherance of reestablishing rail service
 Serve as advocates for the return of the rail service at events and forums

The initial meeting of the committee will be in July 23, 2014, at 7:00 p.m.