The Fame Fire Company’s current fire station was built in 1973.  The building at this time cannot accommodate the diversity of emergency response equipment needed for the rescue services that Fame currently provides.  Expanding our facility will improve our response time and will better protect this valuable equipment.

Fame proposes to expand the current station by adding a two-story 8,000 square foot addition. We have adjusted and amended our plans so that we are adding just what we need.  No bells and whistles, just the necessities for an efficiently run fire station well into the future. This project is budgeted at a $2.5 Million. We are not planning on breaking ground until our pledges and donations total 50% of our budgeted goal.

Fame is the lead Fire Company in the Chester County Rescue Task Force – CCRTF-1. It is available as a deployable asset in the Philadelphia region.  Capable of conducting advanced specialized rescue, based in West Chester but serving five counties and the entire state!  We provide these services willingly but remain challenged to find places to store CCRTF-1 specialized rescue equipment other than outdoors.

We have been conducting fundraising events for the past year and will continue to do this in order to raise as much funds for this new addition that we possibly can and keep the fundraising efforts alive with the help of our own membership.  We want to include our community in as many events as possible to spread the word that we need more help than just our annual letter drive fundraising. We are searching for lead donors and want to ask anyone that can support our vital efforts within our community with a sizeable donation for our project.

Coming up next will be our Tribute to West Chester’s Iceman-Ralph Watson Jr. Ralph was past Fire Chief of the West Chester Fire Department (1968-1971) and President of the Fame Fire Company (1978-1986). Before that he held many other positions in the fire company.

On February 13, 2015 we will be holding a Live Auction and Silent Auction Dinner to raise money towards the new Training Room of the addition that will be dedicated to Ralph and his family. There will be NO CHARGE to invitees with the assumption that everyone will contribute during the event.  This Auction will be held at the West Chester Country Club.  If you wish to attend or send a donation, please e-mail the Campaign Secretary – to put you on the guest list that will be mailed out in early January.  We will also have opportunities to place ads in the program book and would like to collect auction items for the event. Please email: for that information also.  See our website at for more information about our building project.

Fame is currently a 501(c)4 non-profit organization (EIN: 23-1256858) and exists solely for public purposes. We have made application to become a 501 (c) 3 organization and this turnover should happen shortly. This will allow us to receive more matching donations and foundation grants for our project.

 Please consider being part of this exciting event that surely will be memorable.