What exactly is a leader? A leader is someone who is willing to take action into creating sustained, positive transformations within an organization. They position their own vision and values with those of their business, and strive to help operationalize them for the future. The most effective way to demonstrate these skills is through communication of that vision and practicing what the company stands for. This is what the Disney Institute is all about; creating leadership excellence.

What is the Disney Institute?

The Disney Institute is the professional development and external training arm of the The Walt Disney Company. Dating back to 1996, the Disney Institute offers seminar classes that teach leadership development through a time-tested approach, demonstrating the values and behaviors of faultless leaders.

When a leader can deliberately foster an environment of mutual trust, they find that they can exceptionally great at leadership excellence, people management, quality service, brand loyalty, inspire creativity, and most importantly – create greater business results. The Disney Institute serves as a backbone to help business owners reimagine their results and connect great leadership to improved performance.

The Disney Institute is the only training and development company that provides an insight that is beneficial to any business owner interested in improving their leadership excellence. Disney’s multi-day seminar for business professionals will help educate them on the “secrets” behind Disney’s customer service and business culture.

What else will you learn?

  • Establish personal and organizational values to support your business’ vision
  • Learn Disney’s business insights to improve your own organization
  • Understand a leader’s role in operationalizing culture-building and team support
  • Develop strategies to sustain your organization’s values
  • Learn to build your own personal legacy as a leader

Where can I attend a Disney Institute seminar in the West Chester area?

The Greater West Chester Chamber of Commerce is happy to announce that the Disney Institute sessions will be making a big return this spring! In this session, Chamber Member’s will learn the time-tested and effective leadership strategies that help to generate actual results.

Join in on the event, taking place on Thursday, March, 26, 2015 at the Days Hotel on High Street. Spend one day with the Disney Institute and attain all of their knowledge on what leadership excellence is all about! Their approach will help us to think differently and create bottom-line results for our business.

Rethink the way you approach leadership excellence, sign up for the event today!