April’s here, and you know what they say…”April showers bring May flowers!” Though we’re not here to discuss the weather (even if it is warmer), it’s safe to say businesses and organizations need the right amount of care to blossom, too.

Small businesses encounter their share of obstacles; from networking struggles to keeping up with technology trends, the stress of developing a business can be enormous. Fortunately as a Chamber member, you’re connected with just the right resources to minimize that stress load.

Here are 3 Chamber Resources to Grow Your Business:

1. Online resource Library

Though the answers may be right under your nose, sometimes it’s easy to miss them. As an exclusive benefit to all members, the Greater West Chester Chamber of Commerce has compiled a library. The Resource Library contains all assets we have gathered over the years from financial guidance, to small business owner guidelines and the Affordable Care Act. Have a great resource to share? Forward it to us at info@gwcc.org!

2. Networking Events

Whether you dub it a “Cocktail Hour” or “Business Card Exchange”, the fact remains the same: networking WORKS. We’re quick to convince ourselves there is absolutely no free time in our schedules for any extra events or meetings. The fact is, we all have that extra hour. Whether it’s starting your day a little earlier at a Coffee Connection, or staying late for an Evening Exchange, take the leap to network yourself (and your business). You never know who you’re going to meet!

3. Professional Development

How often do you wish you had a forum to connect with other business leaders? The GWCC’s Exectutive Roundtables are a venue for higher-level dicussion about different topics relevant to chamber businesses. Offered monthly, the Roundtables serve as an ideal opportunity to network and learn with local professionals. The events are held in small, interactive settings offering a comfortable atmosphere for relationship building and discussion. Roundtables are where connections are made and ideas are shared. Take advantage of these events today…you won’t regret it!

So, as the weather finally warms up and those flowers start blooming, take the time to grow your business with the Chamber-we’re here to help!

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