Summertime is here, which has us thinking of green lawns surrounded by white-picket fences, and grilling every night on the back deck. When you’re talking about quality fence and deck manufacturers, there’s only one Chamber member that comes to mind.

The Fence Authority
, located at 100 Colonial Way in nearby Pocopson, is no stranger to high quality products. In 1996, John DiGiuseppe saw the need for a full-service fence company in this area and found a solution: Fence Authority. With years of experience working for his family’s business and in the fence industry, John partnered with “what he calls the best partners a guy could have,” Steve Lauriello and Dave Giorno, to create what is now the region’s leading fence and deck manufacturer.

Twenty years later, The Fence Authority has expanded enormously turning a contracting company into a full service fence company with three locations. But they’re more than just a fence company; John spearheads a team of passionate individuals that know the importance of being different in a competitive industry.

When you choose The Fence Authority, you’re choosing something better-something different. Value is the top importance to this team, and when you go there you’ll understand why. No technical jargon, no sales pitch-just real talk about quality products made by quality people.

Don’t believe us? Active Yards, The Fence Authority’s brand partner for vinyal and aluminum fences, is owned by the largest fence manufacturer in North America, and they have chosen TFA to represent them in the Metro Phila market — that’s HUGE! Not only that, but The Fence Authority is the ONLY company that offers a 5 (yes, FIVE) year workmanship warranty on their services (and we all know that “DIY” type, so a warranty like that is an easy reason to put down that hammer). The closest competition to The Fence Authority’s warranty is a measly one year agreement (…ouch). To top it off, if you do want to “do-it-yourself”, the team at TFA will deliver one of their Top 20 fences in stock within 72 hours…too good to be true.

The products and offerings are second to none, but what really makes The Fence Authority an exceptional business is its progressive outlook and community advocacy. From “BBQ Fridays” in the summer to flexible work schedules, there are a million and one reasons why the average TFA employee has stayed 15 years. The Fence Authority proudly sponsors youth athletics in addition to its support of the construction of various local vegetable gardens. John and his team have offered their services to various projects including: Vegetable Gardens R Us display in West Chester, the Roots Café garden at the Melton Center, WCU’s Nutrition Department’s garden, and even an upcoming endeavor at the Hillsdale Elementary School. Quality products, great people, and service to their community? Yeah, that’s The Fence Authority!

So, whether you’re on the lookout for a fence or not, stopping into The Fence Authority is a worthwhile trip down Route 52. We hear Fridays are the best day to stop in (no reason). Joking aside, the Chamber is proud to have The Fence Authority as an active member in our organization and the community. Thanks, guys!