Today, it’s not particularly easy to find a reliable, family-like business that is truly community-driven. However, at John Serock Catering (located at 835 Lincoln Avenue in West Chester) you’ll find just that.

From the days of working in the kitchen at his uncle’s bar, John Serock knew he wanted to be in the catering business. John Serock started his own catering company fifteen years ago-and needless to say, it’s booming.

At John Serock Catering you’ll find a few things: award-winning food and catering services, an unparalleled “family” of dedicated staff members, and the most unique customer relationship around.

John Serock Catering is truly at the top of its game. From small parties and drop-and-go catering to communion celebrations and weddings, John Serock does it all…and impeccably. The West Chester based company is rapidly growing, with weekly schedules sometimes fit to prepare thousands of plates. No matter how busy, the one thing that is never sacrificed at John Serock is quality. Whether it’s a business party for ten, or an annual nonprofit event for 500, each dish is prepared perfectly, every time.

MayAmanda_560Successful? Yes. Modest? Very. John Serock and his team have been raking in a few awards the past year. They took home second in last year’s chili competition and first for the 2015 Sweet Charity dessert competition a few weeks ago (yum!). They’ve always been a hit; John Serock was the President’s chosen caterer during his campaign in our region- twice. Whether it’s catering for the President, or your teenager’s high school graduation, John Serock Catering gives 100% for orders large and small. They believe in treating “every event like it’s the biggest of their career.”

John is very proud of how far his business June22014_099has come in the past fifteen years. With an extremely productive team that operates as a family, and actually includes his brother, John believes the staff is currently the best it’s ever been. With an environment like that, this catering company is putting on events flawlessly from start to finish-and they’re happy to do it. The best part of being in the catering business, according to John, is the lifecycle of clients he has experienced. “From baptism to high school graduation to hopefully weddings, we’re there for the whole family cycle. We build relationships and keep them.” John is humbled by the loyalty of business and community in the West Chester area, which is why he chose to relocate his business here.

As summer nears, John and his crew are busy jumping between nonprofit events, graduation parties and weddings. If you haven’t checked out their site, open a new tab right now and visit! Their impressive ability to cater according to event themes has made them a sought-after caterer in the region. Want something completely unique? How about a bar made out of whiskey barrels for your next event? Done! John recently began making custom tables for his events (and they’re awesome).


There’s no question that we could go on forever about John Serock Catering-they’re really just that good. However, the only way you’ll know is if you try them out for yourself! Reach out to John and his staff for your next catered event. As for us, we’re hoping to get our foot in his door again soon for a Chamber-hosted event (wink, wink!). In all seriousness, the Chamber hopes you choose John Serock Catering for your next event-you WON’T be disappointed!