Do you feel as if you’re running on auto-pilot? Your alarm clock goes off far too early each morning, immediately followed by a predictable sequence of events all ending with your head just barely meeting your pillow once again. If you’re lucky, you squeezed a trip to the gym somewhere in your day…but what if there was a way to completely relax your mind and body in just one hour?

East Coast Float Spa, located in the Gay Street Plaza in West Chester, is home to a different type of therapy. Business partners Trevor Shylock and Matt Kay decided to start East Coast Float Spa after trying floating in California. They couldn’t believe the impact floating had on them, both physically and mentally, and knew the experience had to be shared.

It sounds pretty great…but just what is Floating? Flotation Therapy is backed by decades of research in the field of Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy (R.E.S.T.). There are plenty of studies that suggest floating is helpful with stress, chronic pain, creativity, addictions, weight loss and more. Though some celebrities insist on adding floating rooms into their homes, this therapy is anything but a fad. The team at East Coast Float Spa wants to make floating just as accessible as massages or yoga-and they’re doing pretty well.

At East Coast Float Spa, you’ll find a zen environment when you first step in the door. They’re not bluffing- you’ll immediately feel at ease due to the calming décor and comfortable slippers offered upon entering (yes, slippers). From the main entrance to the float rooms and lounge, the theme is to relax-and believe us, you will.

Each private Float Room is filled with 10 inches of pristine water that heats to the temperature of your skin. The water is filled with 1,000 pounds of the highest-quality Epsom salts (magnesium-the happy mineral!), making it easier to float than the Dead Sea! In Floating, there are no pressure points; this means a deeper, more relaxed and introspective experience that you can’t get anywhere else.

Claustrophobic? Concerned about cleanliness? Fear not, ECFS uses private custom-built float rooms instead of tanks, and follows the highest standards of water safety in the country (they have a state-of-the-art filtration system). Trevor and Matt traveled across the country and to Canada to visit float spas far and wide. In their travels, they identified all things good and bad about typical float spas-and ECFS represents the best of all words.

As a relatively new WC business, Trevor is especially grateful for the influx of support from the community. They’re a humble bunch, but East Coast Float Spa definitely “gets it.” Just ask about their deliciously aromatic organic teas or the photographs hanging in the lobby-they’re all locally provided. Trust us, you’ll fall in love with this place before you even hit the water.

What are the perks? To start, the Float Spa has one very special asset: free parking. There’s no need to worry about meters or fines, so stop in on your lunch break and utilize the zero gravity massage chair! Student and military discounts of 25% are available, too-not to mention a pretty amazing rewards system. Trevor and his team of expert trained specialists want people to realize they “have one body for the rest of your life,” and just one float could change it all.

Where to next for East Coast Float Spa? Matt and Trevor think big…and they want East Coast Float Spa to be exactly what its name preempts: the destination flotation spa for the entire East Coast. They’re certainly the best, so that goal seems pretty attainable at this point. If you never take any blog seriously for the rest of your life (except ours, of course), heed the advice written here: try floating at East Coast Float Spa…you will not regret it.