No matter how handy you are, there are just some projects you have to leave to the pros. Roofing, home repairs and cleaning your gutters are just a few things you may be picking up the phone for this season…but who do you call? These days, it’s hard to find a company that will be reliable from the start of a job to the finish. Fortunately, the GWCC knows just the right crew.

GP Martini Roofing, located at 600 Brandywine Ave in Downingtown, was started by Gary Martini more than eighteen years ago. Their services range from home consultations, repairs, roofing and siding, and even gutters. The team at GP has extensive knowledge of the roofing and construction industry and is fully accredited and licensed to give expert service.

So, what’s so special about this roofing company? Well, aside from their very astute team of experts, GP Martini offers its customers what most cannot: reliable service from start to finish, and beyond. GP is proud to offer a lifetime warranty on their work. Have you ever outsourced a project and had a problem after the check was signed and the truck was packed? GP Martini will be reliable even after the work is done. They’re proud to say they “do it right the first time,” and pretty timely, too (who knew you can get a new roof in ONE day?!).

Impressed? We are. Even with their expertise, GP Martini admits they are “forever students” in the construction industry. They may be the largest roofing company in the region, but GP Martini always strives to be better. What sets them apart is their dedication to the customer and building lasting relationships. They’re on your team; they focus on the life of your roof, the life of your home. At GP Martini, the work is exceptional and the people are even better.

This summer, let GP Martini take a look at your windows and doors. When the cold weather comes (sigh) and snow is a threat, make sure you call GP to get your roof checked! There are so many ways this skilled crew of workers can help you improve your home. Got questions? The guys from GP Martini have a radio show on WCHE 1520! Call in Tuesdays at 12:15pm and challenge them with your home improvement questions (plus, they’re pretty funny!).

The Chamber is proud to have GP Martini Roofing as a valued member business, and congratulate them on their success as a company dedicated to its community and beyond. So, go outside and check those gutters…then you know what to do!