CHALLENGE: can you raise hundreds of dollars in a matter of minutes (without any hassle)? It sounds impossible, but last Thursday the GWCC witnessed something amazing happen: the West Chester Library raised over $300 in about fifteen minutes, all thanks to a little website called Bonbids.

Bonbids, founded in 2014 by Monique Giroux, is a revolutionary approach to raising funds for a cause. Monique’s mission is rooted in her belief that “fundraising should be fun and easy.” When it comes to financials, some organizations simply do not have the resources to orchestrate effective fundraising. Monique understands that, “people feel passionate about their Causes. Companies on the other hand have to work hard to generate that kind of emotion. Bonbids was started on a very simple premise: if the Cause is the heart and Business is the motor, how can we bring the two together.

So, how does it work? Bonbids moderates online auctions that are primarily engaged with via smart phones. If you have auction items or consolation prizes, Bonbids can organize an online auction for your organization. Throw your idea about standard auctions out the window; Bonbids is a modern-day (and fun) approach to fundraising.

The atmosphere at a Bonbids auctions is nothing short of exciting. Participants bid on a selected item from their cell phone-and trust us…it gets competitive! Each bid costs only $1, and adds one cent to the consolation prize price. If you’re looking for a fun and easy way to bring a little life to your fundraising efforts, Bonbids is for you.

The Bonbids staff with help you organize your auction from start to finish, at the cost of only 10% of the total funds raised. There are no tricks; Bonbids charges no setup fee, and is available throughout the process to answer to your needs.

Can’t get prize donations for your auction? Mention to your sponsors that Bonbids is a great way to track customer interest in particular products. By tracking sponsorships within a Bonbids auction, companies are able to come away with details about their interested market. At Bonbids, it’s a win-win situation. Sponsors reap many marketing benefits by associating their brand with a cause someone cares about.

Bonbids’ hyperlocal mentality is especially appreciated in the West Chester region. No other auction allows for individuals to socialize, support and yes…have fun!

From corporate settings to non-profits and athletic teams, Bonbids is the answer to your fundraising prayers. The future of this online auction hub looks bright; Monique plans to schedule monthly Bonbids auctions in our area starting next year. If you’re looking for a quick way to raise some money for your organization, reach out to Monique. There’s no reason for fundraising to be mundane…it’s time to have fun!