You spend a third of your life doing it, but you may not give it the importance it deserves. If you get too little or too much of it, you affect your lifespan! So, just what is “it” you may ask? The answer: SLEEP (and we know someone to help you get a better night of it).

Verlo Mattress Factory, located at 237 East Gay Street, is a family-operated business that caters to your most important need: sleep. Most people do not realize how important choosing the right mattress is for their long-term health. At Verlo, your future mattress isn’t sitting in a warehouse somewhere. Every mattress is made-to-order for the customer (something you just can’t find in a department store!). How can you trust your mattress is being made right? Well, with an engineering background, Foster Good has the brains to back up the construction of each mattress (impressive, right?).

The Good family (Foster, Diana, and daughter Michelle) has been in the business for fifteen years, and they know what they’re talking about. Each mattress is built in-house at their factory in Broomall. What’s better than that? The craftsmen are the salesmen; the same people building the mattresses are the same individuals on the showroom floor (so, they know the ins and outs). Don’t believe us? These skilled workers will even let you watch them build a mattress!

Need a delivery? Verlo Mattress Factory in West Chester is the only of its kind in the Northeast…and they’ll accommodate. Whether it’s the beach house or the Poconos, Verlo will make sure your night’s sleep is a good one year-round. What’s even more impressive is Verlo’s commitment to their customer’s satisfaction. If you’re unhappy with any aspect of your mattress, they’ll adjust it to fit your needs. For those with health problems, it’s important to invest in the perfect night’s sleep-and Verlo will make sure of that.

Verlo has it all; from upscale futons and beds for college students, to boat and RV mattresses, they can do it! Have an antique bed that requires a unique mattress? Fear not, Verlo is known for crafting the very best for all orders.

The family at Verlo wants you to know that “having the right mattress can change your life.” It sounds corny, but it’s true! You spend a large fraction of your life sleeping, so it’s about time you invest in a mattress that’s built just for you. By choosing Verlo for your mattress, you’re doing more than investing in yourself-you’re investing in your community. As an active Chamber member, The Good family believes in shopping local because it keeps money in the community, cuts down on transportation costs which subsequently reduces carbon footprints!

With this rainy weather lately, you might find yourself pulling up the covers for a few extra minutes each morning. Make sure you’re really milking that snooze button with the right mattress! Choose the very best for yourself…visit Verlo!