At a briefing held in the Coatesville’s Gateway Park on September 2, the Chester County Commissioners announced specifics on three investments totaling $2.2 million which are planned to boost Coatesville programs, services and infrastructure.

Commissioners Farrell, Cozzone and Kichline used the opportunity to praise the upsurge in activity aimed at revitalizing Coatesville thanks to smart investment and partnerships between local and state government, private investors and community groups.

The announcement was made in Coatesville's Gateway Park near the Lukens museum.

The first investment is part of the county’s most recent round of Community Revitalization Program awards. Commissioners’ Chair Terence Farrell said that the investment of $500,000 will help in the construction of a new two-tier parking garage at 1st Avenue and Diamond Street in the city. The new parking is essential to cope with the additional commercial activity expected as a result of the $20 million Coatesville Gateway Redevelopment project.

“This half million dollar investment complements the CRP award of $700,000 that the county made to Coatesville last year for the Lincoln Highway and 1st Avenue intersection improvements,” said Commissioner Farrell at the briefing. “CRP grants have benefited Coatesville and our 15 other urban centers over the past 13 years, and they are very necessary to greatly improve a community’s overall health and provide for growth.”

IMG_0075The second investment is part of the county’s Community Development Block Grant program. Commissioner Kathi Cozzone announced that $1.4 million will be invested in a new Coatesville Area Senior Center.  The funds will pay for the purchase and renovation of a new property so it can host the 1,300-plus seniors helped by Senior Center staff and volunteers every year.

Considering how many seniors enjoy the services offered by the Senior Center, such as meals, exercise classes, the wellness program, and assistance with health insurance and tax returns, Cozzone stated that this expansion represents a smart move which will directly benefit people of Coatesville.

Commissioner Michelle Kichline introduced the third investment of more than $130,000 that will cover the LINK bus service funding deficit. Talking about the significance of a good public transportation service for Coatesville residents, Kichline stated that the Chester County’s investment will enable ChescoBus to receive a grant from PennDOT of $880,000, insuring an uninterrupted running schedule.

“The LINK bus service is an essential lifeline for many residents in Coatesville and it is crucial to ensure it continues,” stated Commissioner Kichline.