The year of 2015 brought many changes to the West Chester borough, including the addition of a few unique stores and eateries that have quickly become favorites. One of these spots, Old Soul Décor, has stolen our hearts with its eclectic and stylish collection of antiques.

Krystal Reinhard, owner of Old Soul Décor, is an artistic and savvy designer that has been surrounded by art since her youth.

Born in New York, Krystal Reinhard was raised by a family of artists and carpenters that introduced her to hands-on arts and crafts. She studied art education and studio art, and taught at Essex High School in Vermont before returning to this area where she taught at the Woodlynde School, we she shortly became Art Department Chair. With a graduate degree in hand, Krystal started planning the next step of her life: business and interior design.

Six years ago, Krystal (a self-proclaimed “old soul”), found her true passion in antiques and vintage decor. With a sincere love for old architecture, Krystal began searching for a space where she could share her vision. Thankfully, Old Soul Décor found its home at 119 West Market Street in West Chester.

“It’s important to remind people that vintage and antique items have purpose,” she says, “it has a soul to it.” Krystal loves the borough and appreciates all the historic beauty that West Chester holds.

If you frequent West Market Street, then Old Soul’s beautiful storefront has likely caught your attention. With an eclectic furniture display in the windows, it’s hard not to take a peek inside. From couches and dining sets, to lamps and wall art, there’s a find for everyone at Old Soul Décor.

Need a gift? Krystal stocks more than just furniture. At Old Soul Décor, you’ll find a beautiful collection of jewelry, candles, vintage accessories and more! In addition to a wide selection of vintage rings and necklaces, Krystal offers artisan-made, sustainable jewelry. If you manage to pull yourself away from the jewelry case (not likely), check out the wonderfully scented handmade soy candles. Made in Brooklyn, these Apotheke beeswax candles burn for up to 80 hours (hint: that’s a long time in candle years)!

The collection at Old Soul Décor is anything but boring and encourages shoppers to mix and match various styles. Krystal offers design at affordable prices, and makes customer satisfaction top priority. Shop in-store or online (freight shipping available). Old Soul Décor takes the stress off the customer and does the leg work so you don’t have to. Entering Krystal’s store is more than a shopping trip-it’s an experience.

If you make any New Year’s resolutions, updating your home with the help of Old Soul Décor should be one of them. 2016 may be here, but the styles of years past live on-and you’ll find them all at 119 West Market Street.

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