Have back pain? This West Chester native is changing the future of sleep for those victim of chronic, nighttime, low back pain.

Samantha Simmons, a West Chester native and 2005 graduate of Henderson High School, always had a passion for track and field. With a successful high school career competing under head coach, Bill Lott, Samantha continued her track and field career at Carnegie Mellon. It was during her college years that Samantha experienced an injury that would change her life forever.

In her third year competing in track and field for Carnegie Mellon, Samantha fractured her spine. After experiencing various types of therapy during her recovery, Samantha noticed one thing that just couldn’t be helped: sleeping comfortably. Samantha saw a need for a product to aid in comfortable sleeping for those with lower back pain.

As a 2015 MBA graduate of MIT Sloan School of Management,Sam_Simmons Samantha was able to bring her healthcare innovation to life. Curative Orthopaedics was born during Samantha’s education at MIT, and now the company is in the process of manufacturing its first product to help treat chronic, nighttime, low back pain.

Born and raised in West Chester with strong family ties in the community, Samantha is vocal about her hometown being a driving force behind Curative Orthopaedics. “After going off to grad school for my MBA, I came back home to the area,” she says. “[I] found my initial investors right here in West Chester, who have helped me get my business off the ground.”

Curative Orhopaedics, a new Chamber member, is looking to dive into networking within the West Chester community. “Since my company is an early stage startup, I recognize that networking is huge,” Samantha says. “I joined the Greater WC Chamber as a way to meet other business owners in the area, make connections, and gain insight on how others have built their business. Everything is a learning process, so the more I can rely on a trusted network to gain insight, the better.”

The Greater West Chester Chamber of Commerce is proud to welcome Curative Orthopaedics to the community. As a startup business, they still need support! To learn more about Curative Orthopaedics’ products and Kickstarter campaign, visit the Curative Orthopaedics site here.

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