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How to Deal with Email Overload—Join Donna Saul in a conversation with Beth Penn, President of Bneato Bar, a team of Professional Organizers who have helped thousands break up with their clutter. Bneato Bar’s philosophy is: It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be better. Beth has multiple nominations as Best Professional Organizer and has expanded Bneato Bar’s scope of services to include naked inbox (email decluttering) and kind of paperless (digitizing paperwork and bills). She is currently interested in the minimalist lifestyle phenomena and how to bring these tools to future clients, and she’ll share with us tips for decluttering your inbox and managing email overload.

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Donna Saul is a business strategist and consultant specializing in building companies with strong revenue streams and elevated bottom lines.  She’s also the host of Chamber Chatter Radio and Bring Back the Balance Radio, both on WCHE 1520 AM and You can reach her via or Twitter @donnasaul.

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