The Prana House, Inc. West Chester’s New Age Apothecary

By Libby Parks

IMThe Prana House

The Prana House, Inc. is located at 109 North Church Street in Downtown West Chester, PA.

If you’ve taken a stroll through Downtown West Chester lately, you may have noticed a particularly intriguing storefront tucked away at 109 North Church Street. The Prana House, Inc., a New Age Apothecary and Holistic Wellness Service, has found its home in West Chester-and we couldn’t be happier about it.

The Prana House, Inc., founded by Jacque Maldonado (read her awesome bio here), is the first of its kind in the West Chester area. Though you might be accustomed by now to seeing labels for all-natural, organic, and gluten-free items, there’s a whole other level to natural healing-and the Prana House is THE local expert. The Prana House is the one-stop-shop for all holistic health needs. Jacque describes it as “old school apothecary with a modern twist.”

Jacque’s first stop at the Chamber office was one year ago when she was still searching for the future home of Prana House. Jacque knew it was important to find the right community to plant her mission of natural healing. Downtown West Chester has seen a surge of growth in the past five years, which makes it the perfect spot for The Prana House.




The Prana House

Jacque Maldonado, C.H.R.M, 200RYT, Founder, The Prana House, Inc. with son, D

A local headquarters for holistic health, The Prana House offers education, products and experiences that can literally change lives (we attest, their tea blends are *perfect*).

“We love meeting new people and educating them,” says Jacque. From herbs and crystals to skin products and yoga mats, the Prana House hones in on spirituality and healing, 100% holistically.

Who’s The Prana House really for, you might ask? EVERYONE!

“We’ve seen a wide range of people,” says Jacque. “The [West Chester] University students have really started to look for other alternatives for living a healthier, spiritual life.”

The customers range from mixed knowledge, experienced and completely unknowing. “We’re glad to be able to bring [apothecary] back,” says Jacque.

The Prana House

The Prana House boasts a large collection of healing crystals.


Jacque and her staff make a point to mention that all guests are welcome at The Prana House: “We want people to feel welcome and not intimidated. [It’s] the most natural state of being, and it’s open to everyone.”

After all, there’s a LOT to take in when you step foot into the Prana House. If you don’t get a personalized tea blend or slew of healing crystals, you’re sure to leave with some incense, balms or candles (which we’re guilty of each time we stop in).

The Prana House

Jewelry designed by local artisans.

“Prana is the intention of power, energy and life,” explains Jacque. “It’s all just to help people.”

The staff at The Prana House is highly knowledgeable and apt to communicate with all types of customers. Jacque is fluent in Spanish, an important fact that the Prana House wants potential customers to know. “We want to include the Hispanic community,” she said. “I want to communicate with customers in their native tongue.”

The Prana House staff have a versatile set of skills, ranging from master herbalists to Wicca and Buddhism. In addition, all of Jacque’s employees sell something of their trade, handmade, inside the Prana House (ranging from Malas and bracelets to art and décor). “It’s a combined effort between our talents,” Jacque describes.

There’s so much to see at 109 N. Church Street, especially Jacque’s selection of all-organic skin products. Step into Jacque’s store and you’ll immediately notice a large display of soaps, lotions, balms and even beard oil (yes, this is for you too, guys). “Every product, ingested or applied to the skin, is truly organic, 100% sustainably harvested, kosher, non-GMO,” says Jacque.

The Prana House

The Dandy Goat, beard balm.

It doesn’t stop there. Jacque believes in keeping it local and supporting small businesses like herself. That’s why 80% of the products in her store are made locally, and (drum roll, please) half of them owned by females! The Prana House’s goal is to “bring healthy living to Chester County and Downtown West Chester through natural products and education”…and they’re doing just that.

Events have been selling out FAST these days. Don’t worry, though. Jacque and her team now offer workshops on a more regular basis (you can check out upcoming events on their Facebook page).

To support the future of their events, The Prana House has started a Go Fund Me campaign for $15,000 to raise money to transform the lower level of their shop into the future home of workshops, yoga classes, private yoga parties and tarot readings, massages and more!

The Prana House

Full Moon Release Guided Meditation.

“We’re not just accepting monetary support,” Jacque explains. “We appreciate all donations, may they be time, contractors, supplies or other. We have found [many] individuals at this time offered to volunteer their time and energies towards the project (they plan on a June launch for their campaign).

Supporters make out pretty good, too. Pitching in to the campaign gets you one free year to attend events. Donate at least $50 and get a Prana House personalized mug (because what else would you put that tea blend in?).

There’s no question that The Prana House is making a great impact in Downtown West Chester as the destination for natural healing and wellness. There are products and services to benefit all members of the family (including pets)!

If there’s one thing you need to know, it’s that stepping foot into The Prana House is nothing short of “an experience.” Start your journey to natural wellness today…Jacque and her staff are waiting for you!

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