GGWCCplusDLNequalsCHATTERThe Greater West Chester Chamber of Commerce and the Daily Local News have joined forces to produce and distribute the Chamber’s bi-monthly newsletter, it was announced.

The Chamber Chatter, a bi-monthly newsletter produced by the staff of the Greater West Chester Chamber, will now make its way to more than 17,000 readers in Chester County, one of Pa.’s most affluent communities.

The Chamber will continue to provide all of the same content it has in the past and the Daily Local will take care of its delivery meaning that the current recipient list of about 800 will grow to more than 17,000.

Chamber officials said that since both organizations focus on supporting local businesses and the community, it was a natural fit.

“We were very excited when the Daily Local agreed to work with the Greater West Chester Chamber to present our newsletter, The Chamber Chatter, to their readership,” said Chamber President Mark Yoder. “We think this is a great partnership between a fantastic paper and our regional Chamber of Commerce.”

(The Daily Local News has been a long-time Chamber member and supporter)

The newspaper’s advertising leadership agreed.

“It’s wonderful for us to be able to partner with the chamber,” said Daily Local Sales Director Jen Batog. “Distributing the chamber newsletter through the Daily Local allows many more people to get important information about businesses and business events in Chester County. Our goal is to help businesses get their message out to customers and the chamber’s goal is to help businesses succeed. This partnership is the perfect way for all of us to achieve our goals. We appreciate the opportunity to work with the chamber on this project.”

Production and distribution under the new agreement is set to begin with the first issue – the March/April issue – to be distributed around the first week of March. Subsequent issues – May/June, July/August, September/October and November/December issues will be distributed midweek around the first week of the publication date.