How did your state House member vote on Senate Bill 936?

Senate Bill 936 is legislation to implement a prescription drug formulary for Pennsylvania’s workers’ compensation system. State after state has adopted this policy with bipartisan support in response to the opioid epidemic. California, for example, recently finalized implementation after passing legislation in 2015 and the head of their Workers’ Compensation Department said: “The adoption of the drug formulary is a step forward for California’s injured workers and should help address the overuse of high-risk medications such as opioids.”

Unfortunately, the bill was three votes short of passing the House. Opposition to this legislation can be traced back to a scandal in Philadelphia that was detailed in a series of Philadelphia Inquirer articles exposing an “unholy alliance” between certain workers’ compensation lawyers and a “secretive network of doctors that prescribes unproven and exorbitantly priced pain creams to injured workers” and funnels unsuspecting patients to pharmacies owned by the doctors and lawyers themselves. The article further helped reveal how the law firm at the center of this scandal is working to defeat this legislation.

Click here to see how your state House member voted – we urge you to thank House members who supported the bill. For those who did not, they may have an opportunity to support the bill in the future and should be urged to do so.

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