Chamber Focuses on “ThinkShopBuy…LOCAL”

Campaign highlights the many benefits of buying locally to promote commerce in the Greater West Chester area.

By Michael A. Plummer

The Greater West Chester Chamber of Commerce’s “ThinkShopBuy…LOCAL” initiative seeks to highlight the numerous financial, environmental, and community benefits to choosing local businesses.

“Small businesses make West Chester the remarkable place it is,” said Mark Yoder, President & CEO of the Greater West Chester Chamber of Commerce. “Not only do these businesses create jobs and stimulate our local economy, many of them also make significant contributions to the community at large. Our focus with this campaign is to highlight those contributions and introduce consumers to all of the practical benefits that come along with buying local.”

The ThinkShopBuy…LOCAL campaign encourages Greater West Chester area consumers to make one of your next three purchases from a local business, as a much larger percentage of their revenues are re-circulated in the local economy compared to online retailers and big box stores.

In addition to strengthening the local economy, buying local also helps to shape the character of the Greater West Chester community, increase consumer choice and reduce your carbon footprint. A vibrant business community can also lighten the residential tax load.

For more information on the ThinkShopBuy…LOCAL intiative, visit the Chamber’s website at

Michael A. Plummer is a gradute of West Chester University with a Communications degree and an intern at the Greater West Chester Chamber of Commerce. 717-480-6699 |