5 Ways to Advance Your Company Culture

In today’s highly competitive talent marketplace, employers are constantly searching for ways to reduce employee turnover and raise employee engagement. Building and fostering an aligned and purposeful workforce is a sure way to optimize, energize and retain your best people.

Many people say they feel disconnected and apathetic about their jobs. Feeling a strong connection with the mission and vision of a company is one of the top drivers of employee engagement. These are the cornerstones to creating company-wide alignment that boosts engagement, morale and overall success:

Share & Inspire a Compelling Mission
Employees should want to support what their company is working towards. For example, most people that work in non-profits aren’t doing it for the money, but rather because they genuinely want to reach the non-profits goal – curing cancer, building their community, supporting local businesses, etc. When a company and its employees unite under a common goal, your company culture feels more like a community, and your employees feel more like a family.

Perpetuate Company Principles & Values
Similar to sharing a mission, perpetuating your company’s core values helps guide your decisions towards the company’s “true north” – AKA the whole reason you started the company in the first place. Your core values are what your company stands for. If you and your employees are all on the same page with the foundation of the company, you create a more cohesive and inspiring company culture. You want to belong to a company that has some integrity, right?

Clearly Articulate Expectations
I’m sure we’ve all worked at a job where the onboarding process was a little lackluster. And in those jobs, I’m sure we’ve all felt like we didn’t quite know where to start or what was expected of us, which then makes you anxious that maybe you aren’t doing enough. When you clearly articulate expectations, your employees feel more confident in what is expected of them, and they will be able to focus all of their attention on attaining those expectations. Plus, when people know the ceiling of their expectations, they know when and how to go above and beyond in the workplace!

Foster Excitement & Celebrate Success
This one is simple – no one likes to be criticized day in and day out. It’s hard to want to work for a company that only points out your wrongdoings without ever celebrating your successes. Tell your employees when something exciting happens, like you’ve booked an impressive new client or exceeded last month’s sales expectations. Recognize employees that put their nose to the grindstone day in and day out. When employees feel appreciated, they know their hard work means something – that little thank you goes a long way in any company.

Build Trust Through Open Communication
Have you ever had a boss with an “open door” policy that was more like a “open door, closed mind” policy? Then you know how important it is to foster open communication in a company to make employees feel like they are being heard. When companies create a culture with open communication, employees can feel free to share their input and creative ideas, discuss and solve concerns and conflicts, and take risks. When you and your employees are openly sharing information, your company and its employees can make great improvements and lead the way against your competition!


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