Amateur Trials at Benchmark Twilight Cycling Classic Provide Up-and-Coming Riders More Experience

Here’s an invaluable opportunity for cyclists of all skill levels to get more experience and have a chance at being part of the field for the Rothman Institute Amateur Trials, one of the key races in the Benchmark Twilight Cycling Classic. Beginning at 8:30 AM and running until about 3 PM, this challenging event of nine criterium-style, age-determined qualifying races kicks off Race Day early on the campus of Rustin High School.

Since its inception, the series has grown in popularity not only with the riders but with the public, who are invited to watch these exciting qualifiers at the school’s park-like setting. Often, family and friends will bring a blanket, beach chairs, and a picnic basket in preparation to enjoy some of the most exciting racing of the day.

“Since these are qualifying races, all the riders are determined to make their mark and perhaps get the right to compete downtown later that night in the Rothman Institute Amateur Criterium,” said Mark Yoder, President of the Greater West Chester Chamber of Commerce, the organizer of the Benchmark Twilight Cycling Classic. “So, expect some great racing.”

This is a USA Cycling-sanctioned event in which all USAC rules apply. Details, registration, and the full schedule of races can be found here.

Yoder considers the Rothman Institute Amateur Trials the perfect start to West Chester’s full day of racing action.

“Almost as soon as the trials wrap up, the action starts downtown with the Benchmark Twilight Cycling Classic, so there’s nearly non-stop racing from early morning to nearly 10 PM, all of it free to the public and packed with fun!” he said.