Greater West Chester Chamber of Commerce and West Chester University Launch Marketing Strategy Pilot Program


The Greater West Chester Chamber of Commerce just announced it will team up with the West Chester University College of Business and Public Management to launch a marketing strategy pilot program to benefit both students and local businesses this fall.

The program, named the Cooperative Client/Student Team Program, is designed to provide students and local business owners the opportunity to collaborate in a project-based marketing strategy class held at West Chester University. Four GWCC members will participate in the program as students from the university work to develop marketing strategies for their assigned business. At the end of the semester, upon completion of the project, each student team will meet with their client and present their findings with a formal presentation and written recommendations based on market research, competitive analysis and market analysis. The businesses can then choose whether or not to incorporate those recommendations into their current marketing strategy. 

“The advantage of this program for business owners is that they won’t have to build their own internship,” said Mark Yoder, president and CEO of the Greater West Chester Chamber of Commerce. “They’re getting the advantage of having an upper-level university marketing class work on their marketing challenges, and at the end of it all, they have a strategic plan that they can implement today, tomorrow, next year – all for free with the help of our local university.”

While the local businesses are provided with a free marketing plan, the students will be given the chance to put their marketing skills to the test. Rather than the typical internship experience that requires students to be present for approximately 20 hours a week, students within the program have the freedom to work on their marketing plans on their own time before bringing their insights back to a collaborative, professor-driven setting. Unlike some marketing classes with similar initiatives, these students are given not only real-life experience to pad their resumes when it comes time for graduation, but also a chance to see their work come to life within the community.

“We at the Chamber want to be a resource for our members, so the goal for us is to constantly collaborate with our community,” continued President Yoder. “By doing so we are not only advocating for our members, but for our community – including both its businesses and its students.”

To apply for your business to participate in this program, please fill out the application below and send it to

Pilot-Program-Application1.pdf (156 downloads)