Supporting Your Local Economy During a Pandemic

Before the coronavirus outbreak in the United States, many companies didn’t expect or prepare for what to do in the event of a pandemic. With citizens being asked to stay home to slow the spread and “flatten the curve”,

businesses – especially small businesses – need your help, now more than ever.

With local businesses being urged to shut down, small business owners are worried about the future of their establishments, as well as how to pay their employees until these restrictions have been lifted. How can you help your region’s charming downtown stay afloat during this crisis? There are a few measures we can all take to support our local businesses.

  1. Order takeout or delivery

Governor Tom Wolf’s order for restaurants and bars to close dine-in services means most restaurants are upping their sanitation game and expanding their delivery radius during this outbreak. You may not be able to enjoy your favorite spot’s atmosphere, but you can certainly enjoy a night in! And don’t forget to leave them a 20% tip, just as you would if you had been dining in, so they can pay their staff!

  1. Shop online

In the same vein as ordering takeout, see if you can peruse the racks online at your favorite small business. It’s just like shopping on Amazon, but $0.58 of every dollar you spent is going back into your local economy, supporting your local community!

  1. Purchase a gift card to use later

While this social distancing may be boring for some, it is of vital importance to slow the spread of this virus. If you’re already fantasizing about your next date night or shopping trip, purchase a gift card to those places instead! There will be a time in which these small businesses will once again be able to open their doors, so why not buy a gift card now that you can use later? Think of it as an early birthday present to yourself – with the added bonus of it feeling like a free dinner, t-shirt, or knick-knack down the road.

  1. Consider donating

If your income won’t be affected by this outbreak, consider donating to local business that may need help keeping their head above water during this shutdown. United Way of West Chester just announced it has set up a Chester County COVID-19 Response Fund, as an example.


Whether it’s writing a check or buying a gift card, any assistance could mean the world to someone who isn’t sure whether or not they’ll be able to pay their bills next month. Please consider how you can keep your downtown on its feet during this unique situation. Your community will thank you for the support and for social distancing until we are out of the woods.