How to Support Your Community This Fall

The weather isn’t the only thing changing this fall. Local businesses brace for impact as the drop in temperature could also mean a drop in income, with fewer people venturing outside and fewer tables filled at the dinner rush. How can you help these businesses stay afloat through this crisis? Here are a few ways to support your local community.

Buy Local or Bye-Bye Local

It has always been important to think, shop, and buy local – it keeps money within your community, and it helps people and families directly in your area afford everything from food and clothes to gifts for their loved ones. It’s no secret that this pandemic has affected small local businesses, with 58% of small businesses worried about whether or not they will have to permanently close their businesses. So as we head into cooler months and you start thinking about your holiday shopping list, consider patronizing a local small business so more families in your neighborhood can keep their lights on.

Gift Cards

Restaurants are pulling in their patio tables for the season with no promise of being able to increase their indoor capacity. That means one thing – fewer customers, and fewer customers equals less income. While you may not feel comfortable dining indoors yet, you can purchase a gift card! Gift cards are like interest-free loans, and they are a great way to keep your favorite bars and restaurants open with the promise of seeing them again when the weather warms up.

For your favorite local retail business, see if they have gift cards or have virtual shopping as an option! Local shops have been utilizing all their creativity to keep customers like you coming back for more!

Donate to Local Non-profits

Also consider donating to a non-profit in your region! Many of these non-profits have been struggling with the challenge of cancelling their important fundraiser events. Non-profits like the West Chester Food Cupboard and Safe Harbor of Chester County provide food to those in need, while local chambers of commerce provide resources for local businesses in need. And the best part is, some of these organizations aren’t just looking for monetary donations – you can also donate your time and volunteer to help local vulnerable populations!

Wear a Mask

The best way to keep local businesses open is to support restaurants and shop at stores. The best way to keep your community safe is by wearing a mask, washing your hands, and maintaining social distance. So please check out your local retailers and restaurants, and take the proper safety precautions when doing so. Our local businesses can’t stay open if they’re home sick!

It is important to stand together and lean on each other (metaphorically) in times like these. You have the power to raise up your community, and keep this region the great place we all know and love – and you have already taken the first step, by wanting to learn more about how to help.