• July 27, 2021

“Our mission has always been to share the food culture and treasured desserts Vincenzo grew up with in Italy with his local community, right in the heart of beautiful West Chester.
At Gemelli we craft seriously from scratch artisanal gelato and desserts using a combination of local, organic, seasonal and farm-fresh ingredients. All our gelato and desserts are made in house fresh daily, without colorants, powder mixes, preservatives, corn-syrups, pre-made flavorings or emulsifiers. All our drinks are handcrafted to order and follow the same philosophy: no sugary syrups from a pump or artificial flavorings, but rather a more unique and gourmet coffee experience. We were voted “Best Gelato in North America” at the James Beard house in NYC, during the Gelato World Tour.”

Follow us @gemelligelato on social media and come to Italy with us at 12 W Market St, West Chester.