Greater West Chester Community

Community life and building relationships between the consumers and businesses of Chester County is the solid foundation of the Greater West Chester Chamber of Commerce.  We are fully dedicated to the people of our community and the seven townships of Chester County we serve including:

The GWCC takes pride in bringing these seven townships together in order to create a strong, close, and successful unified community.

Our community is full of history, culture, music, family-fun, and much more! The Greater West Chester Chamber of Commerce hosts events all year round and are a great opportunity to experience the thriving life of Chester County.

History of Our Community

The area was originally known as Turk’s Head — after the inn of the same name located in what is now the center of the borough. West Chester has been the seat of government in Chester County since 1786, and the borough incorporated in 1799. In the heart of town is its courthouse, a classical revival building designed in the 1840’s by Thomas U. Walter, one of the architects for the Capitol in Washington, D.C. In the 18th century, West Chester was a center of clockmaking. In the late 19th century, the Hoopes Bro. and Darlington company became a major wheelworks, first for wagons and later automobiles. In the early 20th century, an important industry was the Sharples cream separator company. In the late 20th century, the pioneer in microcomputers Commodore International, giving its headquarters as West Chester, was located approximately a mile northeast of the borough.

The West Chester Downtown Historic District was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1985. Other listed properties are the Bank of Chester County, Buckwalter Building, Butler House, Chester County Courthouse, William Everhart Buildings, Farmers and Mechanics Building, First Presbyterian Church of West Chester, New Century Clubhouse, Joseph Rothrock House, Sharples Homestead, Sharples Separator Works, Warner Theater West Chester Boarding School for Boys, and West Chester State College Quadrangle Historic District.


Fast Growing, With Wealth

It is no secret that West Chester is entering a growth spurt. More than 300 new residential units are slated for the downtown alone. Commercial space designed to meet contemporary standards while fitting into the historic dynamic of downtown will soon be in development. Economic forecasts indicate West Chester to be a place where positive economic growth will continue. “West Chester is considered to be AMONG THE BEST of what the Delaware Valley has to offer.” Barry Seymour, Executive Director, Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission.

West Chester listed in TOP TEN DOWNTOWNS in Best Places to Raise Your Family by Frommer’s.


Median Household Income in Chester County, ranked 24th out of 3, 143 in the U.S. by Forbes Magazine


Number of Households in the greater West Chester area. Property values have tripled since 2000

West Chester selected as one of the Classic Towns of Greater Philadelphia by the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission.


Population of the Greater West Chester Area (19380/19382 zip codes)


Population of Chester County

The average age in West Chester is lower than the national average.


Number of employees within the Greater West Chester Area


Number of businesses within the Greater West Chester Area

West Chester boasts one of the highest income levels in Pennsylvania.


Public and private parking spaces within Downtown West Chester


Violent crime risk is 34% lower than the national average